MetroWest Mediation Services is pleased to announce that we offer specialized conflict resolution services and trainings for students, teachers, and staff in schools throughout MetroWest.  Our programs are partially covered by generous grants that allow us to offer our services at an affordable rate. 

There are many benefits to establishing a culture of conflict resolution within your school.  Conflict is inevitable but empowering students to resolve their own disputes could have long-lasting implications for students throughout their education, careers, and personal lives.  Further, establishing an infrastructure for how students resolve their own disputes would lower the administrative burden on teachers and staff that is spent on disciplinary actions. 


Mediation presents an opportunity for students and staff in primary and secondary schools to resolve conflicts while preventing escalation, administrative discipline, potential violence, and police or court involvement.

Our mediators have extensive experience in youth cases including regularly mediating cases in Middlesex Juvenile Court.

A trained mediator can be designated to your school on a periodic or “as-needed” basis.

Our trained mediators can help resolve conflicts between…

  • Students & students

  • Teachers & students

  • Teachers & teachers

  • Administrators, staff & parents

  • Groups & individuals


We are pleased to offer specialized and customizable trainings for students, teachers and staff. Our trainings help students and staff develop better methods and structures for managing future conflicts.

Youth Conflict Resolution Training

Peer mediation training: This 20 hour training prepares students to be effective resolvers of conflict among their classmates.

Effective conflict resolvers course: This 8 session course delves into the principles of conflict resolution and equips students with the skills to be peacemakers.

Teacher/Staff Training

Fundamentals of conflict resolution: This workshop focuses on equipping teachers and staff with the skills to successfully resolve specific issues that arise in a school setting.

Mediation training: Our flagship 35 hour training prepares participants for mediating a broad array of conflict scenarios. Upon completion, participants will have the credentials to observe and mediate actual cases in court.


"I cannot thank you enough for the training! It was well received by my colleagues and employees. Many have even requested to have you come back and do an all day training. There are several people that may be interested in the mediation trainings as well. This has been such a great opportunity and I’m so glad that we connected. Thank you again!"
-Training coordinator at South Middlesex Opportunity Council

“Come again with new ideas so that we can learn more and more. I really enjoyed the all 3 sessions. Thank you so much!”
-Training participant at Framingham State University

“I have spoken with 2 people who have already [three days since the training] used some of the skills learned.  What a success!” 
-Executive Director, After-School Program

“Training contains very useful skills that are constantly being developed/should be being developed throughout professional careers and life in general”
-Site leader, After-School Program

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