Provide your employees with critical conflict resolution skills to prepare them to address conflicts in their work and personal lives. These interactive workshops are offered by highly experienced trainers. They can be customized further based on your interests. All trainings can be adapted for youth.

The Skills of Conflict Resolution

Have you ever had a personal or work related conflict you didn’t know how to handle, or wished you had handled differently? If so, then this workshop will equip you to be better prepared to address conflicts with a variety of options. Dealing with conflicts in the community is inevitable and challenging, but it does not have to be disruptive. Conflict could actually be an opportunity for creative change and development! In “The Skills of Conflict Resolution” workshop we will talk about the key elements of conflict, different conflict management styles, how to communicate better, tools to use in difficult conversations and how to explore creative ways for resolving and managing differences. 

The Skills of Active Listening

Good active listening skills are essential to help people feel comfortable and safe to talk about their concerns and needs. As neutral parties to the conversation, we need to know how to encourage people seeking our help, to share their thoughts, and explore their options, without telling them what to do or what we think. This is not an easy task, it requires special tools and thoughtful effort on our end. In this workshop, we will review and practice some of the key elements of active listening - our special tools. For example, this training will cover Open Ended Questions, Summarizing, Positions and Interests, Reframing and Acknowledging. 

Understanding Cross-Cultural Conflict

People from different backgrounds and cultures address conflict in different ways. Cultures vary in how much they value emotion and directness in resolving conflict. Not being aware of these differences can make conflict resolution very difficult. In this workshop, we will teach participants about the different conflict styles and help them identify their preferred conflict style using the Mitchell Inter-Cultural Conflict Styles Inventory. We will practice how to interact with people from different backgrounds so participants will be well informed and trained for their own conflicts.


"I cannot thank you enough for the training! It was well received by my colleagues and employees. Many have even requested to have you come back and do an all day training. There are several people that may be interested in the mediation trainings as well. This has been such a great opportunity and I’m so glad that we connected. Thank you again!" 
"The information presented was very interesting, informative, and helpful"
"The presenters were excellent... they related well to the group and were receptive to comments and questions."
"You guys are great. I would love to learn more and would also be interested in a day-long training."
"I enjoyed it and felt the presenters did a good job. Thank you!"


Seth Izen
Seth is the Executive Director at MetroWest Mediation Services. He earned a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Contemplative Studies from Brown University. He has been active in community mediation since his basic training in 2008, completing a practicum and advanced trainings at Cambridge Dispute Settlement Center, serving as a volunteer mediator at Middlesex Law Center and working as the Peer Mediation Coordinator at North Shore Community Mediation Center. He was the Assistant Director of the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture at University of Massachusetts Lowell where he developed and taught a course in Mediation Theory & Practice.

Sabrina Bohun
Sabrina is the Case and Outreach Coordinator at MetroWest Mediation. Sabrina is responsible for coordinating our mediators in Framingham, Natick, Marlborough and Concord District Courts, intake screening, divorce mediation, data collection and input, as well as assisting with Outreach, Community, and Training activities. She earned her BA in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire and Juris Doctor from the Massachusetts School of Law.  Since becoming licensed to practice in 2009, Sabrina dedicated much of her time as a volunteer attorney as well as conducted real estate closings for a MA law firm. Sabrina completed basic mediation training in 2011 volunteering many years before fully transitioning to the field of dispute resolution in 2015. Additionally, Sabrina has completed advanced training in both divorce and elder mediation. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Sabrina worked as a police officer in NH.

Deepika Madan
Deepika is the Case and Training Coordinator at MetroWest Mediation Services. Deepika is responsible for coordinating our mediators in Framingham, Natick, Marlborough and Concord District Courts, intake screening, data collection and input, as well as assisting with Training activities. Deepika has a background in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Master’s Degree in Biophysics. Deepika made a transition to the field of dispute resolution after completing her basic mediation training in 2008. Deepika has mediation experience in civil, advanced civil, housing eviction, harassment prevention order and criminal cases.


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