35-Hour Mediation training

Our Basic Mediation Training is offered annually in the fall. To be notified when registration opens, please put your contact information below:

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Feedback from the november training

Comments on the program:

"Seth, Deepika, Denise: Thank you so much for providing this excellent Mediation Training! I enjoyed learning about the skills necessary to become a good mediator, like how to improve my listening skills, how to stay neutral during the process, and how to assist the parties in reaching their own decisions on a settlement."
“The program exceeded my expectations— thank you both for a great learning experience.”
“Could not ask for more.”
“I enjoyed the training immensely.”
“Very top quality.”
“The content was always focused.”

Comments on the trainers:

“Very professional, experienced and great attitude.”
“Clearly know what they are teaching and amenable to adjustments.”
“Seth, Deepika and Denise did a great job managing the strong personalities in the group. Their skills and patience were evident!”

“Couldn’t have asked for more, really.”

                                                                         November 2017 Mediation Training Group!

                                                                       November 2017 Mediation Training Group!

                                    Practice New Skills during Mediation Roleplays and Demonstrations

                                  Practice New Skills during Mediation Roleplays and Demonstrations

                                                                     Presentation on Ethical Considerations in Mediation

                                                                   Presentation on Ethical Considerations in Mediation


become a mediator


MetroWest Mediation Services (MWMS) offers a 35-hour mediation training program which teaches facilitative mediation as an alternative to litigation and a method for resolving difficult business, legal & community issues.


Through the use of lectures, demonstrations, interactive exercises, supervised role-plays, and group discussions, the training  will prepare you to become a mediator and to effectively facilitate the mediation process.  Our training offers the fundamentals upon which mediation specializations are built, for example, divorce or public policy mediation. This course appeals to a wide variety of people from the fields of education, law, social services and business who want to apply mediation skills to their personal, professional and civic lives.

This training meets the requirements necessary to mediate in the courts in Massachusetts. 



The dates for the fall 2018  will be announced during the summer.


Who should attend

  2016 Mediation Training Participants

2016 Mediation Training Participants

Anyone interested in learning to constructively deal with the inevitable conflicts that arise in their personal and professional lives such as:

  • Community Leaders, Retirees
  • Human Resource Professionals, Managers
  • Social Workers, Mental Health Providers
  • Attorneys, Paralegals, Court Employees
  • Educators, College Students


Mediation TOPICS AND Skills

This training develops the mediator’s mindset and skills through a variety of methodologies including role-plays based on actual case-studies, simulated mediations, in-class lectures and assigned readings. 

You will learn about the following topics:

  • Nature of conflict/behaviors in conflict
  • Range of Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Principles of mediation
  • Steps of the mediation process
  • Role of the mediator
  • Critical issues in mediation such as power imbalance, cultural diversity, substance abuse, and ethical dilemmas

You will learn the following skills:

  • Active Listening
  • Using neutral language
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Re-framing
  • Summarizing
  • Identifying issues
  • Exploring positions and interests
  • Overcoming barriers to agreement
  • Dealing with challenging parties
  • Negotiating agreement
  • Agreement writing
                          The 8 Roleplays Give You a Hands-On Opportunity to Develop Mediation Skills

                        The 8 Roleplays Give You a Hands-On Opportunity to Develop Mediation Skills

Story from a participant following the training:

I recently arranged with a local car service to pick up my parents from Logan airport and bring them to our house. I'd provided the driver with my parents' flight information, my father's cell phone number, and my contact information. I'd provided my parents with the driver's name and cell phone number and directions to call the driver once they'd collected their luggage. Not long after the flight landed, I received several phone calls from my father's cell phone. Something was not working; I couldn't hear him and he couldn't hear me. About half an hour later, the car service driver called me on my cell. He was extremely agitated and kept repeating that he'd received multiple calls from my dad but wasn't able to hear him. "His cell phone isn't working," he declared. "I've tried to call him and he's tried to call me. And nothing's working! How can I tell them where to meet me if I can't communicate with them?" he demanded. My immediate reaction was to get defensive. I asked the driver what he normally does in circumstances like this and where he was. He said that he'd just left the airport and was driving home because he had no way of communicating with my parents. 

It suddenly occurred to me to change my tactic based on the active listening skills that we'd just been learning in mediation training. "You sound really frustrated," I said. "I AM frustrated!" he roared. Okay, I thought. Now I'm getting somewhere... "I'm hearing that you need to be able to communicate with my parents in order to pick them up." He readily agreed. "What would be a good outcome here?" I asked him. While he replied that he wanted to be able to pick them up and deliver them to my house, I responded, "It's important to you to pick them up from the airport and bring them to Carlisle," I said. "Yes, yes!" he agreed. I thought of my alternatives: drive to the airport in rush-hour traffic to pick up my parents myself; or help the driver to get in touch with my parents so that he could complete the job. Just then, I got a text message from my dad. I quickly explained to the driver that I was both talking to him (the driver) and texting with my father, so I could arrange for the two of them to communicate directly by text message if that would work for him. The driver agreed, and I coordinated with my dad to text the driver directly.

A short while later, I received a call from the driver. He'd located my parents at Logan, they were safely in the car, and they were on their way.

I got off the phone, quite relieved that I didn't have to make a trip to Logan. My two sons, who had been attentively listening to my end of the phone conversation, jumped off the couch to congratulate me on successfully using my active listening skills!  I was amazed at how well the situation resolved and grateful to put my recent mediation training to such good use!


“The course exceed my expectations. The design and delivery are top notch, and I have a new level of skill as a listener, coach, and facilitator.”

“The course was well designed, and helped me understand much more about myself and the process.”

“The training staff could not be better; I feel I was able to ‘trust the process’ because I had faith and confidence in the quality of the training staff.”

“You did a great job—I enjoyed it! I’m a better person for it.”

“I thought the intellectual quality of the presentations was first rate. Altogether, this was a very well run workshop.”

“The team teaching environment kept the sessions exciting and fast paced.”

“Thank you—the course and trainers were excellent!”



Seth Izen
Seth is the Executive Director at MetroWest Mediation Services. He earned a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Contemplative Studies from Brown University. He has experiencing mediating small claims, housing eviction, divorce, harassment prevention order and civil cases. He was the Assistant Director of the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture at University of Massachusetts Lowell where he developed and taught a course in Mediation Theory & Practice.

Deepika Madan
Deepika is the Case and Training Coordinator at MetroWest Mediation Services. Deepika coordinates our mediators in Framingham, Natick, Marlborough and Concord District Courts and is a lead trainer. Deepika has a background in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Master’s Degree in Biophysics. Deepika made a transition to the field of dispute resolution after completing her basic mediation training in 2008. Deepika has mediation experience in civil, advanced civil, housing eviction, harassment prevention order and criminal cases.

The two core trainers will be joined by experienced MWMS mediators to assist with coaching and training.


                                               Experienced mediators serve as trainers and coaches

                                             Experienced mediators serve as trainers and coaches


The fee for the course  includes instruction, course manual, and a certificate of completion.  Snacks and a buffet lunch are provided for each day of the training.  

Cost of training: $625

Full refunds (minus a $50 processing fee) will be provided up to a month prior to the training. Cancellations within a month of the training will only be refunded if space in the training is filled.



Registration is closed for the November training.


how do i serve as a mediator after the training?

Participants attend the training for a variety of reasons. Some participants attend the training so that they can be better equipped  with mediation skills that they can apply to their personal and professional lives (even if it's not in the formal capacity as a mediator.)

Other participants will use the mediation training to offer new services in a professional capacity, such as attorneys who want to be able to mediate for clients. Please note that some types of mediation (such as divorce or elder mediation) require additional training beyond the foundational 35-hour training.

Participants who want to serve as a volunteer mediator with MetroWest Mediation Services must apply to the practicum program after the training. The practicum program is a series of supervised observations and co-mediations with an experienced mediator. The practicum provides an opportunity for you to experience actual mediations in a court setting and receive mentorship to improve your skills and ability as a mediator. With a limited staff, we typically only accept 4-6 people to the practicum program each year. Preference is given to those who have completed the MetroWest Mediation 35-hour training (as opposed to those who have done the training at another center.)  


We'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the training. Please call Seth or Deepika at 508-872-9495.