Seth earned a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Contemplative Studies from Brown University. He has been active in community mediation since his basic training in 2008, completing a practicum and advanced trainings at Cambridge Dispute Settlement Center, serving as a volunteer mediator at Middlesex Law Center and working as the Peer Mediation Coordinator at North Shore Community Mediation Center. He was the Assistant Director of the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture at University of Massachusetts Lowell where he developed and taught a course in Mediation Theory & Practice.



Deepika has a background in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Master’s Degree in Biophysics. Deepika made a transition to the field of dispute resolution after completing her basic mediation training in 2008. She completed a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from UMass Boston in 2013. Deepika has mediation experience in civil, advanced civil, housing eviction, harassment prevention order and criminal cases.



Board of Directors


Robert H. Smith, President
Carl Solomont, Vice President
Charles Murphy, Treasurer
Melinda Milberg, Secretary
Peter J. Altieri
Andrea DeMayo
Alan J. Finkel
Kristine Van Amsterdam

Volunteer Mediators

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Peter J. Altieri
Sabrina Bohun
Halee Burg
Alan Carpenter
Kara Dawson
Andrea De Mayo-Clancy
Dan Desautels
Robin DiGiammarino
Heidi Doyle

Denise Earl
Imogene Fish
Tod Foote
Melissa Gonzalez
Carolan Gozzi
Don Greenstein
Esther Gruber
Jennifer Hawthorne

Seth Izen
Mark Kaplan
Joseph Keefe



Justin Kelsey
Liz Lassen
Deepika Madan
Gerry Mazor
Melinda Milberg
Ann Murphy
Christine Navez
Susan Ostberg
Julian Puma

Phil Reimann
Peter Robinson
Steve Seeche

MaryAnn Sherwood
Nancy Simons
Robert H. Smith
Jason Sobol
Harvey Taylor
Kristine Van Amsterdam

Lisa Vendetti
Michael Zeytonnian