Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, we help you and your partner amicably navigate the challenging decisions required in a divorce. The mediators, as neutral third parties, facilitate conversation, assist with communication and understanding, and support you to work through all the issues required in order to get a divorce in Massachusetts.   While some of our divorce mediators are attorneys, they will not provide legal advice in their capacity as mediators. 

*Please note: MetroWest Mediation Services is not connected in any way with Holliston-based "MetroWest Divorce Mediation."

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is almost always more efficient, less expensive, and less adversarial than litigation. 

While the cost will vary based on your income and the number of hours, it will be significantly less than the average cost of divorce without mediation. 

Mediation helps make divorce - which is already a difficult and emotional process - easier through enabling the couple to come to agreement about critical issues such as parenting, property, and child support.

What HAPPENS IN DIVORCE mediation?

As part of a 1A divorce (jointly filed) in Massachusetts, you are required to submit a Separation Agreement to the court. Your mediators will guide you through a divorce mediation checklist to ensure you address all the necessary topics. The mediators will then write a Memorandum of Understanding that you will bring to an attorney to write into the formal Separation Agreement. The general topics covered include:

  • Custody, visiting and parenting plans

  • Finances including child support and educational expenses

  • Insurance

  • Personal property

  • Communication issues

  • Anything else that is important to you and your partner

The mediators will also guide you the process of filling out the required financial forms and child support guidelines (if applicable).

divorce mediation length

Divorce can be a difficult process with heightened emotions and big life decisions that will ultimately affect both of your futures for years to come. We understand the challenge of navigating these issues and are here to support you in this process. Part of the mediators’ role is to help couples stay on track so that you can complete the divorce mediation efficiently.

On average, couples who are organized and who have already spent time contemplating key financial or parenting issues are able to reach agreement in 3 to 5 sessions (a session is around 2 hours). 

Sometimes, differences amongst the couple can extend the number of sessions needed to reach agreement.  In those cases, mediation sessions can extend beyond 5 sessions.  At MetroWest Mediation Services our goal is for the couple to take the time needed to come to a well-articulated agreement.

divorce mediation cost

As a non-profit community organization, our goal is to provide high-quality mediation services that promotes the well-being of members of our community, regardless of a couples' income.  Therefore, no case will ever be turned away for inability to pay and we use a sliding fee scale based on each person's individual income and assets. 


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