you can help bring peace to our community


This year, MetroWest Mediation Services is celebrating its 40th year providing conflict resolution as an alternative to litigation. Over four decades, our mediators have conducted over 10,000 mediations, with over 24,000 participants. From helping landlords and tenants work out agreements to prevent homelessness, to working with divorcing couples to separate amicably, to resolving challenging conflict between neighbors, MetroWest Mediation is dedicated to building peace in the community.

As a non-profit organization, MetroWest Mediation Services relies on the generosity of community members to support our mission. I am writing today to ask that you please make a donation to support mediation in your community!

We need your support in order to continue providing our mediation services free of charge to parties in the District Courts, Probate & Family Court and Juvenile Courts. For community and divorce cases, we offer a sliding fee scale to ensure that mediation is accessible to everyone regardless of their income.

Your support makes it possible for us to continue providing mediation services that help people like Barbara and Renee* who come to Juvenile Court with disputes over visitation in guardianship cases. Barbara, Renee’s sister, became the guardian of Renee’s daughter when Renee was struggling with substance abuse. Barbara filed in court because she was concerned that her niece was skipping school and spending time at Renee’s house.

Mediation provided Barbara and Renee the first opportunity to speak with each other face-to-face in the five years since the guardianship was established. In the mediation the sisters discussed the importance of academic success and how to ensure that the daughter could spend time with her half-siblings in a safe, substance free environment. The mother, for the first time, was able to express her gratitude to her sister for taking such good care of her daughter. For the last of the three mediation sessions, Barbara and Renee drove to the court together where they signed an agreement that met everyone’s needs. 

Please make a contribution to sustain these critically important conflict resolution services. Your support helps pay for expenses necessary to run our organization, including supporting staff and the training of mediators.

Thanks to the excellent work of our mediators, 95% of parties are satisfied with mediation and how it provides them the opportunity to build understanding, explore differences, and identify ways to move forward. Here’s what parties in mediation had to say about their mediation experience:

  • “Our mediator was very kind, professional and on point. A great help! Much more civilized than the courtroom.”

  • “Our mediator was exceptional in her ability to keep both parties calm and on course with the process.”

  • “We had many moving pieces, they kept track and helped us get through it all. They made an emotional, hard, complex process relatively easy. Thank you.”

You can help MetroWest Mediation continue to offer mediation in the courts and offer low-cost divorce, elder and community mediation before conflicts reach the legal system.

Your contribution will help us expand our services, including offering conflict resolution trainings to students in after-school programs. By teaching the skills of mediation to middle and high school students, we can work towards building a culture of peace in the schools.

Your support means so much to the MetroWest Mediation Services board, staff, volunteers and to everyone whose lives have been improved because of mediation. All contributions make a significant impact. Thank you for your support!

We need your support to continue bringing peace to the community!


Robert H. Smith,

President, Board of Directors  

Seth Izen,

Executive Director