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We need your support.

MetroWest Mediation Services relies on your donation to sustain our work in the community and courts. Traditional funders have been scaling back grants. In this difficult funding environment, donations – of any size – are critical.

MetroWest Mediation Services is the only program offering Small Claims and Summary Process mediation in the Framingham, Marlboro, Natick and Concord District Courts. Without MetroWest Mediation Services, there would be no mediation for community members struggling with a consumer issue or facing eviction in these courts.

The demand for divorce mediation is increasing, especially among low-income families who cannot afford the cost of litigation or a private mediator. MetroWest Mediation Services is the only mediation center serving the MetroWest to offer divorce mediation services based on parties’ income levels.

This past year, MetroWest Mediation launched a new pilot mediation program in Framingham Juvenile Court to give youth and their families a constructive way to resolve conflict.

Please make a donation today to sustain these critically important conflict resolution services.

Since launching the pilot program for harassment cases in Juvenile Court last spring, MetroWest Mediation has resolved 91% of cases that entered mediation, helping youth and families in the community resolve difficult and painful situations. With your support, volunteer mediators will continue to be available for Harassment Order cases.

With the success of the Harassment Order cases, the Judge has requested that MetroWest Mediation Services expand to offer mediation for Care & Protection and Children Requiring Assistance cases, which often involve strong disagreements between parents and guardians on visitation or involve conflict between a child and their guardian/parent.

 You can help make this next expansion of mediation possible. I hope you will support community mediation by making a generous gift today. Your donation will help make it possible to offer more services to youth and families in the community.

Thanks to the excellent work of our staff and volunteer mediators, 96% of parties are satisfied with mediation and how it provides them the opportunity to build understanding, explore differences, and identify ways to move forward. Here’s what parties in mediation had to say about their mediation experience:

"The mediators had outstanding compassion, wisdom, respect and patience."

"The mediators did an excellent job defusing any tension between the parties and explained the process succinctly and clearly."

"Very professional, patient and understanding as well as neutral. We met on multiple occasions and were satisfied with the entire process.”

In the last year, our staff and volunteer mediators:

  • Attended 330 court sessions of Small Claims & Summary Process (landlord/tenant)
  • Educated more than 3,500 MetroWest residents about mediation
  • Mediated 270 cases (in the courts and community) 
  • Assisted parties in reaching agreements totaling $331,400
  • Helped over 700 people resolve conflict in a constructive, non-adversarial manner.
  • Provided $151,515 in cost-savings to the District and Juvenile Courts

You can help MetroWest Mediation continue to offer mediation in Juvenile Court, District Courts and offer low-cost divorce, elder and community mediation before they reach the legal system.

We need your support to continue bringing peace to the community!


Robert H. Smith,

President, Board of Directors  

Seth Izen,

Executive Director