In the courts

We currently mediate Harassment Prevention Order (HPO) cases in Framingham Juvenile Court that are deemed appropriate for mediation by the Judge. Mediation gives parties the opportunity to reach an agreement that both sides want and it helps avoid a court order being issued.  Many HPO cases are between students in the same school so addressing the wrongs committed and jointly moving forward is often in the interests of both sides. 

In the community

MetroWest Mediation Services can mediate cases before they reach the courts. MWMS accepts referrals from parents, school administrators and teachers who know of a conflict that would benefit from mediation. 


If your child is involved in a case in Framingham Juvenile Court, you can speak with the Judge or Clerk-Magistrate if you are interested in mediation. If the case is deemed appropriate, and both sides agree to it, then we can mediate on the day of the hearing.

If you would like mediation before going to court, please call us at 508-872-9495 or fill out the form below. We're happy to answer any of your questions and discuss our mediation services. During our initial conversation, we will gather information about your needs and assess if your case is appropriate for mediation. We will then schedule a mediation session at a date and time that works for all parties.

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