Seth is Executive Director of MetroWest Mediation Services. Seth has been active in community mediation in Massachusetts since 2008, completing a practicum with the Cambridge Dispute Settlement Center, mediating on the district court panel of the Middlesex Law Center in Lowell, and serving as the Peer Mediation Coordinator at North Shore Community Mediation Center.

He has mediated over a hundred cases including Small Claims, Summary Process, Care and Protection, Child Requiring Assistance, Harassment Order, Elder, Divorce and Civil Cases.

He has led dozens of mediation trainings and workshops at non-profits, universities, and businesses. Prior to his current role, he taught mediation to graduate students at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

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Robert Smith is a Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School, where he previously served as Dean of the Law School.  His teaching and research interests include Mediation, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  He has written articles on the use of video training in mediation and on case studies in mediation. 

Prof. Smith has been an active mediator since 1992, and is a mediation trainer in two community mediation programs and a high school peer mediation program.  He is the current President of the Board of Directors of MWMS and previously served on the state-wide Program Advisory Committee for state funding for community mediation programs in Massachusetts. 

Jose Roberts

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