Probate & Family Court

Our mediators are present every Thursday in Suffolk Probate & Family Court to provide mediation for parenting time issues during Department of Revenue Block Days.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process which creates the opportunity for people to discuss, with assistance of a trained neutral party, issues including parenting plans on their designated block day.

Mediation is:

  • confidential

  • informal

  • voluntary

  • flexible

In mediation, parents may discuss parenting (visitation) schedules, transportation and other non-financial matters that affect their children.

If you reach an agreement, you may not need to return to court to deal with child-related issues.

Why Participate?

  • Children generally fare better when they have ongoing involvement from both parents. Establishing a parenting schedule is an area where parents often disagree.

  • This program has been created to help parents successfully create an appropriate parenting plan.


You can speak with your DOR attorney at the Block Day about the option for mediation. Contact us with any questions.