Mediation can help people in a conflict work out their differences privately, respectfully, safely and affordably. The mediators serve as neutral third parties. They manage a structured process that encourages more effective communication, helps the parties clarify and understand their positions, and assists them in developing their own agreements. 


Our mediators are community members specially trained and supervised according to the Massachusetts Uniform Rules of Dispute Resolution. They have all completed the required mediation training and done a court-based mediation practicum. Our divorce mediators and elder family mediators have completed additional advanced trainings. All our mediators regularly participate in professional development opportunities offered by MetroWest Mediation Services.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is flexible: 

Mediation can be used to discuss creative and individualized solutions. In a mediation session, any issue the parties bring to the table (i.e., individual needs, interpersonal issues, etc.) can be discussed. 

Participants control the outcome: 

In the mediation process, the people involved in the situation are the ones who create an agreement that works for them. In arbitration or in court, an agreement is imposed by an arbitrator or judge.

Mediation is forward-looking: 

It focuses on what the issues are now, how they can be resolved, and what can be done to avoid similar problems in the future. In court or in arbitration, the focus is on the past, i.e., who is at fault for the current situation.

Mediation can preserve relationships: 

Mediation can help to build a framework for future interaction based upon mutual interests and needs rather than adversarial positions. 

Mediation is confidential: 

The parties can speak openly and directly to each other and to the issues, without the proceedings being a matter of public record. 

Clients Say:

"Outstanding professionalism. {The mediators were] very smart. Listened. Neutral and very helpful. Because of the mediators we were able to avoid litigation and arrive at an agreement. Highly recommend."

"We never thought we would come to an agreement on this, and I am pleased with the outcome."

"We had many moving pieces, [the mediators] kept track and helped us get through it all. They made an emotional, hard, complex process relatively easy. Thank you."

"[Mediation is] much more “humanized” than going before a judge. [We were] able to connect with the human factor. Please do mediation 100%."

"Our mediator was exceptional in her ability to keep both parties calm and on course with the process."

"Our mediator was very kind, professional and on point. A great help!! Much more civilized than the courtroom."

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