The MetroWest Mediation Services FY2019 Annual Report is now available. It highlights our accomplishments and programs from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.


"We had many moving pieces, [the mediators] kept track and helped us get through it all. They made an emotional, hard, complex process relatively easy. Thank you."

"[Mediation is] much more “humanized” than going before a judge. [We were] able to connect with the human factor. Please do mediation 100%."

"Our mediator was exceptional in her ability to keep both parties calm and on course with the process."

"Our mediator was very kind, professional and on point. A great help!! Much more civilized than the courtroom."

"Better than any judge!"


A Family Business Venture

Eight family members embarked on a business venture, but shortly thereafter, disputes ensued about who owed money to whom. Reluctantly, some family members sued the others to retrieve money.

In mediation, it was discovered that all of them wanted to fix the family relationships. They were all disappointed the venture didn’t work out but were even more concerned about the effect of the business failing on the family dynamics. They expressed a strong desire that it was most important to “make things right” so that the holidays were not awkward and so that the family wouldn’t split apart.

It wasn’t just a mediation, it was a re-bonding of family. In the end, they reached an agreement about money and the time frame and method of payment. Everyone left “hugging it out.”

Divorcing Couple

After 18 years of marriage, a wife wanted a divorce, while the husband was having a difficult time accepting it. Both parties were very emotional, angry and confused about how to proceed.

Mediators worked with the couple and helped them communicate and share their concerns and needs as well as address their financial issues. Gradually, the husband became more positive and involved in the process.

After a few sessions, the couple was able to work together, and agreed on a parenting plan they were happy with for their girls. At the last session they thanked the mediators for the productive experience and for their support in the process. The husband left the final meeting smiling; a striking and positive change from months earlier.

Trespassing on Personal Property

A homeowner, an elderly widow, was suing the power company for trespassing on her property and cutting down her trees. The company’s representative explained that the power company has a right of way and needed to clear the trees to replace aging poles and lines. During the mediation, the homeowner continued to voice her strong objections about not having been approached and informed beforehand.

The mediators repeatedly acknowledged the homeowners’ anger, which helped the representative of the company to hear and understand her perspective. During the mediation, the representative offered to personally deliver both a verbal and a written apology to the homeowner at her home, as well as a token payment, acknowledging her suffering. The homeowner agreed, and was able to move forward and leave this experience behind her.

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