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Community/Police Relations - Dialogue Forum

  • Natick Council on Aging 117 East Central Street Natick, MA, 01760 United States (map)

Free and Open to the Public

Please RSVP to in order to receive the issue book prior to the forum

After falling steadily for decades, the rate of violent crime in the United States rose again in recent years. Interactions between community members and police too often end in violence. People are increasingly worried about safety in their communities. Many people are concerned that something is going on with violence in communities, law enforcement, and race that is undermining the national ideals of safety and justice for all.

All are welcome to join us for a forum in which we address key questions:

How should we ensure that Americans of every race and background are treated with respect and fairness?

What should we do to ensure that the police have the support they need to fairly enforce the law?

To what degree do racial and other forms of bias distort the justice system?

What should we do as community members to help reduce violence of all kinds in our communities and the nation as a whole?

This deliberative dialogue forum provides space for people to do the democratic work of making thoughtful judgments about the best course of action for addressing a problem, after considering tensions, benefits and trade-offs. The deliberation includes the consideration of the things that are held valuable and what matters most to individuals, their families, their communities, and our country as a whole.

The dialogue entails participants sharing their personal stories in ways that convey their relationships to, and experiences with, the issue -- weighing various options for addressing the issue, reflecting on where the deliberations have led, and identifying any common ground for action, areas of tension, tradeoffs that people are willing to make, and any further work that remains to be done.