Elder Mediation:
Helping Families Make difficult decisions

Seniors, do you...

  • Have difficult decisions to make about health care, living arrangements, driving or estate issues?

  • Need help talking with your adult children about these issues?

  • Have problems with a nursing home or an assisted living facility about the care you are receiving?

  • Want to avoid future family conflict by planning ahead?

Siblings, Do you...

  • Disagree with each other over who should take care of mom or dad? Or who should help pay?

  • Disagree with your parents about the care they should get?

  • Need help sorting out other issues?

Mediation - The Answer

Mediation provides an opportunity for family members to sit down with each other to discuss and resolve key issues such as:

  • Caregiving Responsibilities

  • Residence Decisions

  • Medical Treatment Options

  • Estate Planning and Inheritance

Mediators are neutral third parties who help seniors and/or their adult children make difficult decisions. 

Mediators facilitate problem-solving. They help you identify the issues involved and brainstorm options that will meet your interests. They are not acting as judges, attorneys or therapists, and they do not make decisions for you.  Rather, they help you negotiate a mutually acceptable solution.

Advantages of Mediation

Privacy is guaranteed. Mediator confidentiality is protected by  state law.

We will work with your schedule, to find the best time and place to meet.

Mediation is less expensive and time consuming than going to court.

Most mediations result in agreements which hold up over time because they address core needs, not just the immediate problem.

Builds Relationships
Mediation is collaborative by nature and non-adversarial. It allows family members to maintain and even improve relationships.


Our Elder Mediators are experienced mediators with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience including law, business, social work, human resources, and real estate. All of our Mediators have been specially trained in Elder Mediation and are able to assist you with your mediation needs.


Please call us at 508-872-9495 or fill out the form below. We're happy to answer any of your questions and discuss our mediation services. During our initial conversation, we will gather information about your needs and assess if your case is appropriate for mediation. We will then schedule a mediation session at a date and time that works for all parties.

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